Gorgon Project -Downer EDI

Client: Downer EDI

Project Background

In the complex construction dynamics of the Gorgon project on Barrow Island, Handley Surveys played a pivotal role. Downer EDI, secured a contract worth $170 million, highlighting its substantial scale. Handley’s 12-month contract, which included a range of services, also contained a provision for extension, indicating the potential longevity of work ahead. Handley Surveys were selected by the client to provide high-precision laser scanning and SMP services for the project. In addition to these services, they were also entrusted with leading the modular production processes in overseas fabrication yards. This responsibility underscored Handley Surveys’ expertise and unwavering commitment to high precision results consistently.  

Project Details

Downer EDI
Barrow Island

Project Objectives:

Trimble Total Station measuring on site

Key Achievements


Hours LTI Free

$ 0 M

Survey Contract Value

0 %

Per cent injury & Incident Free