What We Believe

Simplicity is the key. Surveying should enhance, not complicate the design and construction process.

Our focus is on delivering precise, high-quality results, without any gimmicks or unnecessary complications. 

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To foster strong client relationships through delivery of geospatial services synonymous with  professionalism, safety, quality and trusted excellence.

Our pursuit for personal excellence drives us to be the leading provider of innovative geospatial solutions for major infrastructure projects.

We listen in order to truly understand before delivering spatial services that are safe, accurate, and tailored to optimise your strategic planning.

Our Approach

From concept to completion, we help engineers improve design execution with industry leading reports and analysis. High quality, concise reporting which is easily understood, ensures that risk is mitigated throughout construction with reliable, quality data. Our time efficient team works skilfully bringing your designs to life. We apply advanced technology to maximise efficiency in the field and always making measurable improvements in the office. Our ISO accredited management system brings data quality, integrity and safety to everything we do.


The Handley Difference

Over Four Decades of Measured Excellence



By Design

Everything we do is intricately planned and flawlessly executed. 


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Handley Surveys


Telstra Business Of The Year Award 2010 (WA)


Highly Trusted

48 years in operation without

a professional indemnity claim


Safety First Culture

Over 800 000 man hours - No LTI


Ready To Mobilise

We are site ready and able to seamlessly integrate whilst bringing expertise and site knowledge.


Integrated Management System

Clients can easily track and monitor survey deliverables with our services. We're ISO 9001 accredited and offer reliable cloud-based support, even for remote work.



Our integrated systems enhance efficiency in billing, reporting, and communications, for a seamless and convenient experience.

There Is No One Size Fits All

Our holistic, agile approach to providing our services means we stay focused. We’re always assessing and responding to change to deliver better outcomes that meet your project timeline.

Who We Are

We’ve built a team and a select list of partners we trust to deliver the success of your project. Our team, genuinely values your experience; from the first enquiry through to job completion and beyond.

We are committed to the continuous development of our people by investing in training. We make sure everyone adds to their skillset, and grows professionally as a leader in their field.

image of GM

General Manager

Alex Handley
Our goal is to create innovative solutions that simplify complex geospatial challenges for our clients. With a passion for large-scale projects, I’ve successfully led the geospatial assembly on two of the world’s largest Modular LNG contraction projects – Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG.
Beyond work, I’m passionate about motorsport, I love the application of technical excellence combined with skill, performance, endurance wrapped up in a competitive environment. I love my family and I care for people and our greater environment. I am a nature lover at heart who doesn’t stray far from the ocean at any time.
Ann-Marie Fox Profile

Business Operations Manager

Ann-Marie Fox

I am an experienced and passionate leader with over 20 years of working in finance and operations. My areas of expertise are finance planning and analysis, budgeting, risk management, team mentoring and process improvement. I have implemented innovative ideas that resulted in streamlined processes and improved efficiency and reporting within our business. I believe in creating lasting relationships with colleagues, as well as developing strong teams with emphasis on great service. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy spending time reading and camping a few times a year.

Caucasian Male late forties with goatie profile photo in colour

HSE Manager

Malachy Condon
With extensive corporate experience gained at investment banks in London and Sydney, I am a highly effective problem solver capable of tackling complex challenges and delivering successful outcomes.
My 12-year track record of zero non-conformance in external audits of our Management Systems is a source of pride for me and a great achievement for the whole team.
I bring a passion for the great outdoors, including ecosystem and permaculture knowledge, which has proven invaluable in developing practical solutions for Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Overall, I am a detail-oriented, results-driven professional with a deep understanding of interconnected systems.
Image of CAD & Quality Mgr

CAD & Quality Manager

Barry Warren

With over 30 years of survey experience in both public and private sectors, across major industries and large-scale projects, I have acquired valuable skills and survey knowledge that gives me a competitive edge in developing unique survey solutions and innovative products to meet our clients’ needs.

I place strong emphasis on customer care, always striving to build good relationships in the knowledge that there is no customer too small. I’m equally passionate about developing people through shared knowledge, and always willing to give back to an industry that interfaces with far more facets of development than is realised.

I have worked on numerous large LNG, mining and construction projects, including Gorgon and Wheatstone LNG Projects, as well as Amrun Bauxite Mine.

At home, I enjoy creative cooking, gardening, all types of outdoor activities with my family, live sporting events and the occasional DIY project.

Image - Survey Manager - Pilbara

Survey Manager - Pilbara

Corey Barton

As Pilbara Survey Manager I’m dedicated to developing and improving my team’s field experience and honing their individual skills to reach their potential.  I’ve grown as a surveyor at Handleys since joining them in 2013, including 4 years on the iconic Gorgon LNG Project – if you make it there, you can make it anywhere as surveyor.

In my spare time, I love spending quality time with my young family, mastering quirky tricks like wiggling each ear independently! Life is an exciting journey of personal and professional development for me and I am always striving to be better than yesterday.

image of Perth Survey Manager

Survey Manager - Perth

Mikey Rowlands

I have over 12-years’ experience as an Engineering Surveyor, specialising in civil, mechanical & aerial surveys. I’m passionate yet methodical when preparing and executing all field survey works while ensuring deliverables meet our client’s requirements. My involvement in some of the largest Australian LNG projects; including AMC fabrication facility for the $50 billion Gorgon LNG project as Lead Surveyor, is a proud achievement for me and my team. Outside of work, I enjoy playing basketball and supporting the West Coast Eagles. I’m an avid traveller, especially to my favourite city: New York. Finally, I enjoy collecting guitars, and often channel my inner Jimmy Page from the hallowed stage of my living room.

Where We Started

Henry Handley

Our founding directors, Henry & Celia Handley may have started out in a humble garage office in Karratha, but their vision for Handley Surveys was anything but modest.

Their powerful realisation was simple yet profound: while the world is in constant flux, our values will endure. These principles not only guide us but also motivate us to dream expansively, improve relentlessly, and care deeply how we connect with our clients, our networks and each other.

At our core, we’re a community rooted in the time-honoured Australian culture of ‘Mateship.’  We’re not here to just do business; we’re here to build lasting relationships. We look out for each other, help where we can, and work together to overcome challenges. 

"We love what we do. It’s who we are. As a family company, we aspire for personal excellence in everything we do."

Founding Directors: Henry & Celia Handley

Our Values

01. Ambition
Ambition supported by values is a powerful motivator that drives us towards shared goals and helps us visualise what success means to our teams, communities & clients.
02. Integrity
Our code of ethics is an expression of our values seen through the lens of consistency in both our actions and words. It's a cornerstone principle that guides us daily, providing honesty to everything we do.
03. Innovation
We embody the qualities of boldness and curiosity. We’re never satisfied with status quo—we seek opportunities for growth and ingenuity not because it’s easy, but because it’s important to our mission.
04. Partnership
At Handley Surveys, our partnerships are founded on trust, respect, and collaboration. As such, our qualified surveyors are invested in your projects and will dedicate their expertise to ensure your success.
05. Excellence
Our commitment to excellence drives us forward, inspiring our team of outstanding professionals to invest their skills and energy in creating work that far exceeds expectations.
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