Structural, Mechanical & Piping

Providing high accuracy surveying for assembly of structural and mechanical elements of liquid natural gas and infrastructure projects. In essence, assisting the mechanical contractor measure, align and assemble the steel structure, place vessels and position both static and rotating equipment.

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Handley Surveys has over fifteen years of experience providing teams of surveyors to major mechanical erection contractors assisting in the construction of liquefied natural gas plants and other heavy infrastructure expansion projects. Be it a stick-built facility or a fully modularised one, Handley Surveys has the experience to execute.

SMP Services

  • Modular Construction
  • Stick-Built Construction
  • Equipment Installation
  • Vessel Landing
  • Tank Strapping and Calibration

Dimensional control

Dimensional Control (DC for short) is part of the process of identifying and measuring every pertinent aspect of a particular element for a specific task. It is akin to having a puzzle piece, and knowing where the puzzle piece should go, yet needing to know that it fits before attempting to place it.

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Handley Surveys has over 15 years of experience as a company and a proven track record for this complex task. Using a multi-disciplined, multi-faceted approach allows Handley Surveys to deliver timely, reliable results. The “Handley Approach” is so well proven that the manufacturers of the measurement equipment used rely on Handley Surveys for technical guidance and results.

Dimensional Control Services

  • Fabrication Yard Works
  • Flange Surveys
  • Retro-fit Surveys and Analysis
  • Clash Detection Surveys and Analysis
  • Tight Clearance Applications

Spool Surveys

Accurate spool surveys are some of the most challenging to perform correctly due to the need to fit a 3-dimensional object into a space that often exists on a different rotation from the spool starting point. Handley Surveys utilises software and techniques to achieve project requirements in any conditions.

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Handley Surveys has developed a technique and method for conduction spool surveys in the most efficient manner possible. This method allows for complete and accurate deliverables that often range from reports to ISO drawings to marks in the field. The expertise and years of experience of the Handley team will ensure the highest quality result.

Spool Survey Services

  • Circularity Checks
  • Approach and Departure Angle Verification
  • Tolerance Fit and Analysis
  • Design Verification