Consulting Services

From surveying to construction scheduling and project management, an ISO9001 quality accreditation assures you are getting the best.

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Handley provides consultation services for all types of projects and clientele. Independent auditors certify an in-house developed quality management system annually. This system allows for the development of new strategies on projects and allows Handley the flexibility to operate across may disciplines.

Consulting Services

  • Quality Systems
  • Project Management
  • Work Methodology Overview

Survey Control Verification

Verification of existing survey control is a critical step in the planning phase of any project.Having the control verified before work commences and periodically throughout the project can help to alleviate costly oversights and misalignments.

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Survey control is the framework on which the project is built. Confirming the availability, accuracy and precision of survey control is a key part of any project. This can be as simple as confirming a few publicly available benchmark elevations, or checking an entire network for stability and accuracy.

Survey Control Verification Services

  • SSM Validation
  • Existing Network Analysis and Recommendation
  • Individual Survey Point Stability Inspection

Site Verification

Verification of existing facilities and geospatial information on site can be a laborious task. Handley Surveys utilises the latest instrumentation and techniques to deliver results quickly and cost-effectively

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The geospatial component is one of the most crucial success criteria for most types of projects. Site verification involves a multi-disciplined approach to ensure that all of the correct information is captured in the most efficient manner possible.

Site Verification Services

  • As-built Surveys
  • Design Comparisons
  • Completion Percentage Surveys

Mobile Mapping

No longer something only seen from the latest Hollywood Blockbuster, mobile mapping involves capturing huge amounts of geospatial data in real time. Use of vehicle and helipod mounted LiDAR systems ensures the quickest, cleanest data available.

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Mobile mapping can be considered data capture on steroids. Handley Surveys has the capability to mount camera pods and laser scanners on a vehicle and capture images and point clouds at an incredibly fast rate. Using GNSS positions in combination with inertial measurement, the result is an incredibly dense, highly accurate geospatial dataset.

Mobile Mapping Services

  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Mobile Imaging
  • Roadway/Corridor Mapping
  • Rail Mapping


Monitoring, very simply defined, is the calculated observation of what is being observed. In a Geospatial sense, it is the change in measurement value over any given time period.

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Heat, transport, settlement – all of these things can contribute to an unwanted change in position or measurement over time. By using sophisticated measurement techniques and powerful analytical software, Handley Surveys is easily able to track and report on these changes. This information can then be used by many other disciplines in the decision making process.

Monitoring Services

  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Monitoring
  • Settlement/Subsidence Monitoring
  • Structural (Dams, Bridges, Buildings etc.) Monitoring